Self Care Mini Workshops: 

 (one person private class)

 Learn how to make your massages last longer through therapeutic body care with the use of props such as; foam rollers, balls, yoga straps, dowels, yoga blocks etc.  These tools can provide effective pressure work to rehydrate and relax the neuromyofascial web. 

30 minute class as add-on to outcall massage: $50.00

60 minute private outcall class: $100




Private Meditation Class:


(one person private class) 

I am a certified Ananda Meditation teacher.  Ananda Meditation helps one become calm, develop concentration and get a balanced perspective on life. I also learn from other meditation traditions such as Insight meditation, breath awareness and mantra. 

Learn and explore how to implement a meditation practice into your life. I will offer different meditation techniques depending on your needs. We will practice a style that you prefer and imprint ideas on how to practice on your own. 

60-75 minute outcall $100



Benefits of Meditation

  • Obtain quiet or inner peace
  • Have a respite from the pace of daily life
  • Collect and unify the mind
  • Clear the mind of emotional turmoil
  • Feel and experience the truth of “the way things are” for yourself
  • Learn loving-kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand and learn how to practice forgiveness