FAQ about Maui Oceanfront Yoga

Maui Oceanfront Yoga FAQ

Do you have mat rentals? No, due to covid, I’m no longer able to rent or loan supplies. Bring your own mat and yoga strap. I have a few sterilized used mats for sale at $5 each or new mats at $15. Straps are $5 each. If you do not want to purchase any supplies, try using a beach mat and towel with a scarf or tie to substitute as a may and strap.

Do you offer private classes? Yes, the private classes are $100 for one to two people. $150 for 3-5 people.

What should I wear? Anything you can move freely in and is comfortable for you.


If your question is not answered from this list, feel free to call me (Johanna) at 808-214-0129, or email at info@johannawaters.com