Maui Oceanfront Yoga FAQ

If your question is not answered from this list, feel free to call me (Johanna) at 808-214-0129, or email at

Do you have mats?

Yes, I offer mat rentals for $2. You can also bring a towel to use if you do not have your own mat. If you are a resident of Maui or will be on Maui for a while you may want to consider buying one at one of many stores (Target, Walmart, TJMaxx, Kmart etc.)

Is there a restroom?

The closest public restrooms for those that are not staying at the Kamaole Nalu are Kamaole beach one and two beach park restrooms.

Can I make a reservation?

No, oceanfront Yoga is on a first come first serve basis. I suggest arriving about 10 minutes early (earlier over the Holiday season) so you can sign in and find a comfortable spot to set up your mat or towel facing the ocean.

What if I can't do a pose?

If anything during class makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it. Honor any injuries. Anything that I say or guide is a suggestion that can be skipped. Rest in child pose when you need to. Beginners are encouraged and supported. If you have questions, ask

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. It does not have to be “yoga clothes”. You may want to bring a hat for sun protection.

What should I bring?

Bring a mat or towel (or rent a mat) and perhaps water. You don’t need much, I provide sunscreen, bug spray, kleenex (if needed).

Do you take credit cards?

No, I’m sorry, since this is an outdoor class it is too difficult to process numerous credit cards. Please bring cash, the class fee is $15. I do have 10 class punch cards for $140 (6 month expiration, keep in mind we are not responsible for lost cards) available for purchase if it is inconvenient to bring cash, the punch cards can be purchased by US check.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, I do. Private classes are $80 per hour – $10 each additional yogi. So if you want to have a private yoga class for just yourself = $80hr, with one friend = $90hr, with two friends = $100…I provide mats and props for the private classes. (Public classes please bring your own mat or towel or rent a mat)