Add-On Meditation Classes:


I am a certified Ananda Meditation teacher.  Ananda Meditation helps one become calm, develop concentration, get a balanced perspective on life. I also learn from other meditation traditions such as Insight meditation, breath awareness and mantra. If you would like to add on meditation after your massage appointment or yoga class, let me know. I teach meditation on the “Dana” system of payment. “Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning generosity. So you pay what you are able and that way meditation can be perpetuated.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Obtain quiet or inner peace
  • Have a respite from the pace of daily life
  • Collect and unify the mind
  • Clear the mind of emotional turmoil
  • Feel and experience the truth of “the way things are” for yourself
  • Learn loving-kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand and learn how to practice forgiveness               IMG_6605