Adjusting to the Moment

I often hear myself and others say “I need to be more balanced”. I would like to take the pressure off of this need by saying, we are always balancing. Balance is not a static state but and ever changing momentum of effort.
We are never done balancing. It may seem that some people are more balanced but that is because they are always adjusting and are not resistant to the effort of change.A yogi screens her body to practice for the goldilocks, just right effect. A diner checks in so he is not eating too much or too little. An athlete trains to build strength and then rests to restore. When we work we need to rest. Surrender and effort become a dance.

I like the following quote by Nityananda Baba that relates to balance.

“Neither go toward another, nor move away from him. Neither become hostile to anyone, nor run to strike up friendships. Do not rush to accept a gift, nor become entangled in the pride of giving. Do not look for faults in others, nor congratulate yourself by singing their praises. Shun evil completely, but do not at the same time, become attached to good.”

I hope that during your week you are able to play with this dance of adjusting to the moment, balancing, adding something and subtracting another in order to feel that you belong to your life.

Aloha and Namaste,  Johanna