Yoga Class Reservation Form

By sending a reservation form, you acknowledge that you agree to the following terms.

  1. You will not arrive without a confirmed reservation.
  2. Masks are mandatory. No exceptions.
    You will don your mask before entering the Kamaole Nalu property. Masks can only be taken off while physically on your mat.
  3. Remain 6 feet away from people at all times.
  4. Cancellations in less than 48 hours are still required to pay class fee.
  5. You will bring your own yoga mat or towels.
    (If you bring towels bring two as the grass area can be wet from irrigation).
  6. At each class you will sign a disclosure and release document.

Additional Considerations:
To allow for more ease and variations, I highly suggest bringing blocks and a strap.


    Reservations Only

    * Due to COVID and limited space, the class is limited in number and often over books. Please do not come to the location unless you receive a confirmation from me directly.