Client Testimonials

johanna sitting

Awakening environment offering growth, strength and peace. Joe Morrison – Madrid, Spain.

Johanna leads a flowing yoga class in a beautiful setting with the sound of the waves in the background. Jocelyn MacNeil – Vancouver BC.

A lovely venue and a lovely practice. Craig Cook – Boston, MA.

I loved the yoga class. It was so relaxing and beautiful to be exercising in front of the ocean and next to the palm trees. Johanna was a great instructor. Pam Burbul.

This outdoor class is the best. The ocean waves and vast sky are amazing and make the class more enjoyable. Johanna is a wonderful instructor. Bev Busch.

Johanna is a wonderful teacher, challenging us to stretch to new levels and deepen our practice without making us feel threatened. Highly recommended. Jenny Abel.

I live on Maui and enjoy doing yoga with the ocean waves crashing on Sunday mornings. It’s a great way to experience paradise and feel great at the same time. Ann-Marie B. – Kihei, Maui.

I am visiting Maui and enjoy coming every year. I feel so fortunate to have found Johanna’s class! She is fabulous, making my practices even more fulfilling during my month’s stay! Sherri Snyder – Bainbridge, WA.

Johanna’s classes are great to help your mind and body feel relaxed and rejuvenated, a great start to the morning. I will come often while on Maui. Jessica Mosses – Penticcton,BC, Canada.

One could not ask for a more beautiful location or a more compassionate yoga teacher than Johanna Water’s oceanfront yoga class in Kihei. How nourishing for the body, mind and spirit! Darbee Fisher, Maui.

One of the many things I love about coming to Maui is my yoga practice on the oceanfront with Johanna. Joanne.

Oceanfront yoga is a wonderful way to start a Maui day. Anne from Edmonton.

Straight after finishing the massage I knew I would be wanting more. It was truly amazing! Micaela Xerinda – Poland.

Johanna Waters provides an outstanding massage experience. She is professional and highly skilled, and she guides you in strong attentive way to complete relaxation. I highly recommend Johanna to anyone experiencing stress or muscle tension. Kathy O’Malley, Makawao, Maui, Hi.

I love to treat myself to an afternoon massage from Johanna as often as I can. She sets up her massage table in my favorite room at home, I listen to some wonderful music and just relax as Johanna works out all my aches and pains. Great not to have to drive anywhere, just relax. Perfect gift for someone special too! Julie Turner – Kihei

I refer my patients to Johanna for her great therapeutic massages. Shana Wasserman – D.C.