Health care is currently a hot topic in politics. Whether it is one politician reducing benefits for a population or another for enhancing benefits, healthcare is an apparent bipartisan interest.
      I’ve recently returned from Niscahala Joy Devi’s certification on teaching yoga to cardiac and cancer patients, which has inspired me to say it is possible to bypass politics through our own individual ownership to a healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive choices in food, exercise, stress management and community involvement can not only be a means of prevention but as a treatment to disease. These choices or methods are scientifically proven in reducing, preventing or reversing disease. According to Dr. Dean Ornish’s cardiovascular studies, the progression or even severe coronary heart disease often can be slowed, stopped, or even reversed by a program of comprehensive lifestyle changes, without coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty, or even a lifetime of cholesterol-lowering drugs.
       Health care still needs to be in our current political interest. We can participate more then just voting by making wise, informed choices to increase our personal responsibility to our own health and well being. It is possible to be our own healers without feeling the need for a professional to “fix” us but rather become our partners in health.
      So here’s to everyone’s health! May you have ease of well being.  Aloha – Namaste