Today’s seva story #58 of 100 comes from Dianne. Seva means selfless service for the community and the environment. I am collecting 100 seva stories to spread positive news, ideas and inspiration.

“My husband and I have been sponsoring a Lao student at the university that I met on my first trip to Laos. He comes from a very poor remote village in northern Laos. We have been to visit his family on several occasions. Because they have no electricity in his village they were hoping we could somehow help the village get electric. This was more than we could do. But then I thought perhaps we could get his family solar. I began a “GoFundMe” fundraiser and realized perhaps we could help other families in his village too. So I set about raising money and was amazed at all the people who helped, most I knew but some I didn’t. I raised enough money to buy solar for 5 homes in the village and my husband who is an electrician installed the solar with the help of some  villagers!!  It’s amazing what we can do when we set our minds and heart to work.”

Please share your seva story with me so we can spread the seva. Aloha and Namaste,  Johanna