Aloha Friends,
          Today’s Seva story #61 of 100 comes from Anita who lives in Vancouver. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of all. I am collecting 100 stories to share ideas, inspiration and positive news.
Anita writes: “At a recent yoga class in Vancouver a fellow yogi hit the back of my car while parking. Just a tap, but it left a scrape. As with all things car, we knew it would be expensive to fix. We talked about it, I checked and it would be $600! Ridiculous.
I suggested this instead: I get a bumper sticker to cover the scrape. She gave me $100 which I donated to a local transition house for women and children fleeing violence.
We were all happy with this solution!”
Please share your seva story with me so we can spread the seva! Aloha and Namaste, Johanna