So I took my dog, “Maya”, to the vet for her annual exam which turned out to be a two for one visit. The vet assessed Maya’s health and concluded the following: Maya needed to lose ten pounds, so do I  (we both like our treats). Maya had tarter on her teeth that could be improved with more brushing. Mmmmm, I thought to myself, this also applies to me. Maya’s nails needed more care. Yes!, I silently exclaimed, this means I need a pedicure appointment. However if you ever see me putting polish on Maya’s toes, please stop me immediately.
             Maya is middle aged in dog years, I am middle aged in human years and so the health conditions continue to parallel. We will both be taking the vets advice to improve our health. So enough of sitting on the computer, it’s time to do some downdogs and updogs. Aloha