We exist so therefore we will have an impact on the environment, however we can make it a positive or more environmentally friendly one by the choices we make in our day to day consumerism. We all know to participate with the three R’s (reduce reuse recycle) but sometimes it is difficult to find alternatives to the products we use in our society that are not exactly earth friendly. I find this especially true with fashion. Here’s one link below of a company that makes vegan bags, boots, wallets etc. You can even send back your worn out product and they will recycle or repurpose it! That’s pretty cool. Look around your house, your closet and ask yourself, do all your “possessions”  have a purpose? If I need to replace something, what is the most environmentally correct choice? We’re not perfect, I know I have more then my fair share of clothes that were most likely made in sweat shops but the more aware of alternatives I become the wiser the choices. One breath at a time. Namaste
vegan handbags and accessories