Aloha Maui Massage and Yoga Friends, 
              What is Seva Share? Seva means selfless service. My new project for the next year is to gather seva experiences from anyone and share them on this blog and social media so that we can get ideas on how to spread, experience, give and receive Seva work. This weeks Seva Share comes from Dianne in Makawao, Maui. 
                  “We are working on healthy lifestyles at work so I made a bunch of green drinks for 

whoever wanted them. The gals love them and were very thankful.” This is a great example

that you can get creative and come up with your own Seva, it doesn’t have to be through a 

nonprofit organization. Anything that will positively influence or help your community is Seva.

Next week’s Seva Share will be a day or two late as I am heading to Spirit Rock, An Insight

Mediation Center. Lani will be subbing my yoga class Aug. 23rd thru Aug. 30th.

Please send me your Seva story (giving or receiving Seva) so that we can spread the Seva!

Aloha, Johanna