Aloha Friends,
         Welcome to Seva Shares! Every weekend I will be sharing ideas on how Seva can be spread or how it has helped. So please share the ways you have experienced Seva (selfless service), whether giving or receiving so that we can get ideas or simply enjoy reading on how we can take care of each other and take care of ourselves. Seva is an advanced form of yoga that has limitless possibilities. Seva can be simple involving only one person or many. Any form of seva is important, so please share!
         This weekends share comes from my sister Morgyn. Morgyn is an artist and has for several years donated items from her etsy account to local fundraisers. She also donates a pet portrait about once a year. This is a great example of using a skill you may have to raise funds as well as provide beauty in people’s lives.
Aloha and Have a great weekend! Johanna

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