Seva Story #17
      Today’s Seva story comes from Tavia (age 7) and her brother Rowan (age 9). Tavia and Rowan are from North Vancouver.  Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community. When we extend ourselves we learn, we grow, we connect. I am sharing these stories so we get ideas, get inspired and to spread positive news. Seva can be done by anyone.
       A family in Tavia and Rowan’s community had a house fire. Tavia and Rowan did not know the family but recognized that help was needed. They took action by having a fundraising lemonade stand. They worked the lemonade stand and made $50 for the family! Tavia and Rowan’s family also collected numerous household goods on their front porch to help replace the ones that were destroyed. When Tavia and Rowan went to donate the money and housewares to the family who had the misfortunate fire,  they felt good about helping and meeting new people and participating in connecting with others.
        This is a great story to show that neither age or finance is a hindrance in seva work. All that is needed is a desire to participate and connect.
Please share your seva story with me so others get ideas. I am collecting 100 seva stories. Aloha, Namaste, Mahalo,  Johanna Waters