Aloha Friends, 
          Today’s Seva story #37 comes from Trudy who lives in Calgary.  Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and environment. I am collecting 100 stories to spread inspiration, ideas and positive news. Judy belongs to a quilt group. Every year, for the last fifteen years the quilt group has donated gift items and essentials to their local women’s shelter. They make up hampers full of items like; socks, underwear, pajamas, body care, fun beauty items like nail polish and more. Judy writes;

“Our Christmas gift bag donations to Alcove (the name of the charity) are so needed but, also very much appreciated every year by the women in care (who often have nothing!) that it gives us quilt ladies, as donors such a great warm feeling of making a difference.  But, personally, I also get such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my own wonderful life and good fortune. “

Please share your Seva story with me so we can share and spread the Seva. Mahalo and Namaste,   Johanna Waters