Aloha Friends,
         Today’s Seva story #50 of 100 is from Marc who lives in Oregon. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and the environment. Seva is anything we do without expectation for compensation.  I am collecting 100 stories to spread ideas, inspiration and positive news. 
Marc writes:
“Litter isn’t  a big thing, but it sometimes feels like it’s everywhere.  And nobody is responsible for dealing with it.  So, I do what I can, in a very simple process.
When I see a piece of garbage out of place, I pick it up and deliver it to the next available garbage can on my way.  I like to always have ONE piece of litter that I’ve picked up, ready to drop it at the next garbage can.  One delivered, I’m once again open to pick up another piece of litter – perhaps the most obvious, perhaps the first one I see, or maybe the most egregious. 
I don’t try to get it all – just one little piece at a time.”
This is a great example that we may not be able to solve a problem but we do what we can to make a difference and bring a little more beauty and order to the world. 
Please share your Seva story with me so we can spread the Seva! Mahalo and Namaste,  Johanna