Aloha Friends,
         Today’s Seva story comes from Kathleen who lives in Japan. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and the environment. I am collecting 100 Seva stories to spread ideas, inspiration and positive news. Kathleen writes…
“For many years my mom Betty Kampa Miller has been supporting the Common Hope program in Guatemala.  She has been a sponsor for various children in the ChildFund program.  She also helped support a Vision Team trip for my four sisters and me in 2010.  We had a chance to travel to Guatemala, serving the community there by packing food baskets, teaching classes, going on social service outings to visit our sponsor children, and building a home.
In addition, my mom has been crocheting necklaces for many years.  I’ve called them “Necklaces of Love” because she spreads love through her work.  She donates all of her labor which benefits various causes, including Relay for Life, Fukushima earthquake victims, and Common Hope.  My friend Sachiko Oe now helps me sell my mom’s necklaces in Tokyo.   Our joint efforts have helped us raise enough funds to support various projects at Common Hope in Guatemala, such as cooking stoves, books for schools, and food baskets.  Most recently, however, Mom created over 150 necklaces which supported the funding of a home for a Guatemalan family.”
This is the note that we received from Common Hope:
 – We at Common Hope can’t thank you enough for funding the building of this marvelous home. In fact, your gift allowed us to build the first ever, METAL CONSTRUCTION build in our Vision Team history. These homes are a pilot for us to learn more about this model. It took a little longer for the Vision Team to build, but the best part is that the home that you funded actually has a window and door that lock! This is very exciting for our families, and for us to be able to provide for them. –
Please share your Seva story with me so we can spread the seva! Aloha, Metta and Namaste,  Johanna Waters,
image001 (1)
                                                         Kathleen’s  mom wearing a Necklace of Love.