I confess, I am a yoga polygamist. I love many styles of yoga and can not commit to just one. When a teacher asks “Where have you been?” With guiltless honesty I convey, I’ve been having an affair with another tradition. For this I get “stink eye.” Most teachers want a ring of one lineage yoga monogamy. It’s been almost ten years, how long can I continue this yoga fusion?
I’m in love with Kripalu’s inclusive and compassionate nature, Ashtanga makes me want to become a better yogini, Bikram makes me hot, Iyengar is so accurate, Anusara opens my heart, Pranavashya allows me to really connect….. So you get the idea, I’m a promiscuous yogini, too much love, not enough time.
For now, I will follow my many loves exploring, transforming, opening and connecting. If I’m told to “get married to just one”, I will hold a fixed vision to do so, but for my current present moment, I really enjoy sharing the love.