The following is an excerpt (pg. 125) from Danny Arguetty’s book, “Nourishing the Teacher” which is available through This is a great description of the layers of being or sheaths, also known as koshas:
        “One summer morning, I was riding my bike to work while the day was still cloaked with darkness. As I coasted downhill with visibility low and wind blowing in all directions around me, my whole being suddenly resonated with insight. For the first time, I felt various layers of my being illuminated all at once. My physical body was engaged, with all senses active; my breath sheath was pulsing; my mental and emotional was spacious yet present; my intuitive layer was awake, navigating my course from within; and in the midst of all that transpiring, I felt I was floating on a bed of clouds in sheer happiness. Prior to my immersion in the study and practices of yoga, I don’t think this moment could have occurred;I spent the majority of my time engaged only on the physical plane, with the others largely dormant or unnoticed. Today, I feel I am able to see, feel, and interact with the various layers of my being in order to thrive more fully in life. As I learned from my experience on the bike, the layers of being are food, more prana is available to the cells of the body. With the organs and systems of the body bolstered both physically and energetically, our mental/emotional realm becomes increasingly clearer, which leads us to make more conscious decisions that leave us feeling more aligned overall.”