Here are are a few suggestions to support a regular yoga practice:

  1. Set up a space in your home for your practice. Even if you can’t keep your mat unrolled, designate an area for your practice that has all your yoga supplies on hand. You may want to have some objects of beauty surrounding this area to invite in the feeling of sacred space. Perhaps; plants, photos of inspirational people in your life, symbols of peace, art, etc.

2. Develop a practice that you can do on a regular basis. Don’t make it too long and hard, which may be discouraging. Keep it routine and a reasonable length.

3. Try the 10 minute take off. If you are feeling low energy or not in the mood to practice, start with a 10 minute yoga session. If you only do ten minutes, that’s great you honored your practice and body for that day. Often times, you may find that after the ten minute take off, you will be over a resistance feeling and desire to practice for more time.

4. Find a partner that can hold you accountable. A yoga buddy is also a great way share and inspire your yoga practice.

 5. Practice yoga at home but also in the company of others. We need reflection time by ourselves and we also need the company to juice up our will power.