Aloha and Namaste,  I recently returned from a meditation teacher training at the Ananda school of Yoga and Meditation. It was very inspiring and there is so much that I would like to share with you. To start I will share these tips from Swami Kriyananda from his book Meditation for Starters.  I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned for an upcoming meditation class. Mahalo,  Johanna
Helpful Meditation Tips

  1. Meditation is a process of returning to your own center. It is learning to relate to life and to your environment from who you are, not from the way other people try to define you.
  1. The first thing you need for correct meditation is a right mental attitude, one of listening. Listen not with the ear only, but with your entire being. Feel yourself in sympathetic resonance with the vibrations of inner silence.
  1. Tune into things as they are. Train your mind to accept what simply is. Meditation is the opposite of imposing your will on the world.
  1. The soul, not the ego, is our true self. The soul is obscured, but it can never be destroyed, by worldly-mindedness. The ego has a choice. It can either embrace limitation, and consequent suffering, or it can reach out toward limitless freedom and joy.
  1. The right attitude toward suffering of any kind is mental detachment. Better still, add to that detachment the ingredient of love. Love will help you rise above suffering altogether.
  1. The way to advance through meditation is not grimly to force yourself to sit asmany hours as possible every day. To meditate to the point of mental exhaustion is counter-productive. Don’t push yourself beyond your own natural abilities. Always try to meditate with enthusiasm–calm, never restless.
  1. Whatever your own definition of moderation, try to make daily meditation a pleasure not a chore.
  1. The more you resort to meditation as a daily guide, the more you will find everything you do being crowned with success and with deep, inner satisfaction. Meditation should become as much a part of your daily pattern of living as eating talking and sleeping.
  1. As you act and interact with the world around you, and with others, project your consciousness and energy out to them through the “video screen” of your spiritual eye!
  1. Remember this simple rule; stated by Paramhansa Yogananda: “The more you meditate, the more you’ll want to meditate. But the less you meditate, the less you’ll want to meditate.