Aloha, Today’s Seva share comes from Linda in Wisconsin. Seva means selfless service for the betterment of community. I am sharing these stories so we can get ideas from each other and share positive news. 
Linda worked for a Global corporation training and mentoring many.  During her career she often invited international traveling teams to her home in an effort to know everyone just a little better and understand the overall cultural differences and their personal goals.  This kind of “personal welcoming ” is unusual but extremely successful in personal growth, in building team commitments and certainly offered opportunities for knowing each team member, their families, their culture and their lives at home.

Linda didn’t “Give to Receive”, instead she believes, “The Gift of Giving is in the Giving not the Receiving”.  However, through Linda’s extra efforts to get to know her team members, she received unexpected friendships that are lasting to this day. Her International friends continue to call, text and email – sharing their latest family pictures, job growth, sometimes even asking advice on what to do next and always invited to come over.  Linda continues to enjoy mentoring professionally and personally.
         Please send me your Seva story so we can get ideas from each other and spread the Seva. With your seva story include what you gained or your unexpected gifts from participating in any form of selfless service.  Send to: Mahalo, Namaste, Metta,  Johanna Waters