Today’s Seva share comes from Jodi on Maui. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community. Jodi has two seva experiences to share. Her first one is cooking for the homeless or displaced with a group of friends. She found the kitchen tasks to be easy and more like a social event rather than work. She remembers how a simple tray of food made a child wide eyed with joy. Jodi felt she received an opportunity to be with friends as well as the opportunity to serve. 
      Jodi’s second seva share is hosting a friends’ friend in her home on Maui. She didn’t know this woman ahead of time but she agreed to host her and she welcomed her with open arms. Jodi knew it would take her time to host a guest and she reminded herself, “This is a guest, a guest is God.” Her guest had a lot of gratitude to be fully accepted by her host. Her adventure to Maui was beautiful, exciting and everything she hoped it to be. Jodi received the gift of remembering how blessed she is to be living on Maui and she got to experience the beauty and excitement of Maui’s offerings through her guests eyes. 
        Please send me your Seva share so we can get ideas from each other and spread positive news. Mahalo, Metta and Namaste,  Johanna or 808-214-0129.