Seva Shares
Seva Story #14

Aloha Friends,
         I am continuing on with my Seva stories so that we can share, get ideas and spread positive news. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of all. I’m hoping to collect a minimum of 100 stories. It can be difficult at times to track people down for a short interview or sometimes it’s me and the crickets when I ask for stories. So today’s seva story comes from me.
        About seven years ago, I volunteered as a dog walker at the Maui Humane Society. I’ve always been around dogs growing up and throughout most of my adult life, so it was an easy job for me. I met Maya (in photos) there and watched her on my walks with her and watched her when other volunteers walked her. She was surrendered to the shelter because she was “too shy”. After I observed her and asked questions I knew with a lot TLC she would make a fantastic family member, so I adopted her. She was very skittish at first and afraid of stairs, ceiling fans, bass music and most people, especially large men. I couldn’t even get her to play with toys. It took about a year of encouragement, love and patience for her to make a complete turn around.  She is no longer afraid of people and offers everyone greetings and friendship. She is very calm except if you have a frisbee or ball in hand, since she now loves to play. She is still afraid of ceiling fans (everyone’s got their “thing”). I can honestly say she has been the best canine companion I have been with. After I adopted her I was not able to continue volunteer dog walking since I had my own athletic dog to exercise. However, I still donate to and promote the mission of the Maui humane Society.
        I received a perfect gift from my simple dog walking job. Maya is about eight years old and we hope she lives to an old, ripe and wise age.
         Please share your seva story with me so we can spread the Seva! email: or ph. 808-214-0129. Aloha, Namaste, Metta,  Johanna Waters