Today’s Seva Share comes from Kathy in Kuau, Maui. Seva means selfless service for the betterment of community. When we give we receive. I am sharing these Seva stories so we can get ideas from each other and spread positive news.
    Kathy is part owner of the Kuau store where there are over 20 employees. One day Kathy got an idea to leave a donation box at the store for all the workers to share clothing, household goods and other useful items. The idea was well received and helped save money and reuse items. For example, a single mother at the store got a huge stuffed animal for her young daughter just on time for her birthday, that both brought a huge delight to the daughter and saved the mother money. A cat owner found a cozy cat bed in the donation box and brought it home and the cat slept in it for thirty six hours straight.
   Kathy received a joyful satisfaction from seeing a need and being able to fill it while having fun in starting the donation box at her place of work.
          Please send me your Seva story to Aloha, Metta and spread the Seva,  Johanna Waters