Aloha Friends,
        Today’s Seva story #28 comes from Wilhelm who lives in Austria. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and the environment. I am collecting one hundred stories so we can share ideas, inspiration and spread positive news.
       Wilhelm retired and was looking for a social project when he came upon Caritas – He liked the mission of ending poverty, promoting justice and restoring dignity. Wilhelm signed up with Caritas who helped bring Syrians to the German border. His job was to organize churches to provide a place for a night for refugees. He helped with the community donations of clothes, mattresses, shoes, etc. Wilhelm remembers seeing the tangled mess of mobile phones all trying to get charged up. When I asked Wilhelm what he grew from the experience, he said the “satisfaction of helping mothers with children”.  Wilhelm mentioned that the refugees had no passports and it’s not possible to work under the table. Even though the solution of the refugees wasn’t available he still enjoyed the process of helping.
     Please share your Seva story so we can spread the Seva! Aloha,  Mahalo, Namaste, Johanna Waters