Aloha Friends, 
   Today’s Seva story #43 of 100 comes from Kali.  I am collecting 100 Seva stories to share ideas, inspiration and spread positive news, Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and the environment.
Kali Writes; “I am a visitor in Maui, several times a year.  When I am here, I volunteer to help unhomed and abandoned cats.  I do this by feeding three colonies , to give the permanent Maui volunteer, a bit of a break. With the permission of the land owners, I make sure they have clean water, and then provide canned food and dry food , out of funds from my vacation money.  The people who look after them fulltime trap, neuter, and release, these homeless animals – homeless through no fault of their own.  Sometimes people are mean to me as I feed, and it is hard to understand why doing something to alleviate suffering can be met with anger and criticism.  My message is that doing good works is not always easy, but it is always worth it.
My first yoga teacher, Swami Sivananda Radha, says when you do not get a thank-you, you bank that karma into your spiritual account, so we should be glad when others do not say thanks!”
Please share your Seva story with me so we can spread the Seva! Mahalo and Namaste,  Johanna Waters