Today’s Seva story #65 of 100 comes from Thomas who lives in Seattle. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of all. I am collecting 100 stories to share ideas, inspiration and positive news.

Thomas writes, “My volunteer service is to work at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance clinic gift shop as a retail clerk.  This shop provides convenience, gift and snack items for patients and families attending long clinic days, and they appreciate the availability of being able to stop in and quickly get something.  I have learned that it is easier than I thought to get outside myself and into a role that is wholly different from my usual activities.  More important though, is that from time to time I can help parents of children undergoing treatment just by talking to them –  and letting them know that although they feel crazy, terrified and isolated, there can be a positive outcome.  This comes from my being one of those parents, and knowing how much hope and strength you can gain from people who have been through similar circumstances, which are unfathomable by most others.  I have seen terribly burdened parents uplifted by knowledge that their child can survive and grow, and by being able to share their experience with another who understands it.”


Please share your Seva story with me so we can spread the Seva. Aloha and Namaste,  Johanna Waters