Today’s seva story comes from Shayla who lives in Kihei, Maui. Seva means selfless service or any work we do without the expectation for compensation.  I am collecting 100 seva stories to share ideas and spread positive news. Shayla loves being in the ocean and is therefore an activist  to protect the health of the ocean. She calls legislators and posts to social media to help make people more aware of the environmental decline in our waters. Shayla writes …

“Most people don’t know the sad truth behind beautiful saltwater aquariums.
Currently there is no limit to how many tropical reef fish may be collected in the state of Hawaii as long as one has in their possession a state license that cost $50 to attain.
Reef fish are being gathered by the thousands and devastating our reefs. And tragically, 99% of them die within the first year while in the wild, many species can live up to 20 years.
Many die from the popular bladder piercing collection technique and because they are ocean creatures, they are not suited well to small enclosed tanks.
This high mortality rate is unconscionable and unsustainable, but of course the aquarium industry is fed well by this constant demand.”

Please share your seva story with me so we can spread the Seva. Aloha and Namaste, Johanna