Seva story #73 of 100

Aloha Friends,  Today’s seva story  #73 of 100 comes from Dave who lives in Vancouver British Columbia. Seva means selfless service or any work we do without expectation for compensation. I am collecting 100 seva stories for ideas, inspiration and to spread positive news. Dave writes…

“My name is Dave and I live in Vancouver British Columbia. My Seva story surrounds my experiences helping recent immigrants to British Columbia. These individuals all have remarkable stories from their past but all are focused on building new lives in our country. It is impossible for me to imagine being in their shoes; leaving their homes, family, careers, learning a new  language all because we offer a better life than what they have chosen to leave behind.

My volunteer work is to prepare them for new jobs in our society. I perform mock-interviews to help  them towards that essential new aspect of their lives; finding paying work. I use my skills learned over 30 years in business to help men and women , from Syria, Iran, China, The Philippines , Russia and Iraq,  develop confidence  for job interviews. Most of the individuals , based on their previous work and education from their home countries , are over qualified for the jobs they are applying for. I have had medical doctors, engineers, teachers and business owners looking for entry level work just so they can  begin to afford their new life in Canada.

Every two months for 5 hours I help new immigrants feel better about their chances of building a new life through work in our country. I feel a genuine connection with them as fellow human beings who have aspirations, families to feed, a new language to learn and a future . Every minute I spend with them , that minute, I know makes a difference to their journey and it means so much in mine.”

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Aloha and Namaste,  Johanna