Aloha Friends,   I will be going off island. Please note the following schedule change:


Other than the two above cancelled classes – 
Oceanfront yoga is every Thursday and Sunday at 8:00 am. 

Save money by sharing your Seva story 🙂

Seva Stories  – $5.00 coupon towards Oceanfront Yoga!!
     I’m looking to share Seva (selfless service) stories so other people can get ideas and we can spread Seva. Have you helped or volunteered in the past and learned something valuable from the experience or received an unexpected gift (new friends, new experience, skill etc.) Are you planning some Seva work in the future? Are you doing seva work now that is rewarding to you? If so, please email or call me with your story so that I can share it on my blog and social media to spread the positive news and inspire others. Go to click under the blog page to see past Seva stories. Email your story to or call 808-214-0129. 
I am offering $5.00 coupons to use towards oceanfront yoga for those who call me for a short interview. (Please call after Nov. 11th) 
I am collecting 100 stories to share so we can get ideas from each other and share positive news. Please don’t hesitate to share your Seva story so we can spread the Seva!