“Elongating” Benefits for Maui Massage and Yoga

Aloha Friends,

Would you like to make your massages last longer? Would you like to practice yoga at home to supplement Maui Oceanfront yoga classes or whatever class you attend? Even if you did not answer yes, you may still be interested in trying streaming yoga classes online.  I am not a salesperson for any of these companies. I find this is a great way to practice when I’m not able to attend a public class, it is also a convenient way to try many styles of yoga. What I love about streaming yoga classes is that most companies have a filtering option, where you can plug in duration, styles, intensity, body part etc., and it will filter all the classes related. So, for example, if I got home late and still wanted to commit to my yoga practice, I could plug in 20 or 30 min. with a level one intensity for ease and shoulder focus, the streaming site will choose many options to fit these filter requests.  One of my favorite companies is http://yogaglo.com. Most companies offer a two week free trial and then you pay by month. A free one or by donation is http://doyogawithme.com. There is also Grokker.com, yogainternational.com and more.

Yoga does make your massages last longer by continuing to improve circulation, decreasing muscle adhesions and contraction and overall relaxation and stress reduction, to name just a few lasting benefits. Yoga can be practiced before or after massages. I like both ways, for example, if I’m getting a massage in the late afternoon, I make sure to practice yoga in the morning so my muscles are already softened up a bit. Sometimes I get a massage and the next day practice for a longer yoga session to get deeper into muscle fiber, fascia, tendon and bone. It really comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel best as far as when to get a massage or when to practice yoga. I’ve heard and studied many variables of this, with a lot of them being conflicting. I say, anytime is good for both massage and yoga. If you are fitting it into your life you are practicing self care and the better we take care of ourselves, the better we will take care of others.

Aloha for now, Love,  Johanna