Aloha Friends,
         Today’s Seva story #35 of 100 comes from Jan who lives in Morehead, KY. Seva means selfless service for the benefit of community and the environment. I am collecting 100 stories to share for ideas, inspiration and to spread positive news.
           Jan writes; “When my children were young, our family became involved with World Vision, supporting children in other countries and here in the US. It’s always exciting to get personal notes, pictures and community news concerning the children and their families. This past summer I received an email, asking if I’d like to volunteer 5 hours on a Saturday in our small city, volunteering at a concert and helping World Vision. At first I was reluctant to give up a Saturday, and not sure what I’d be doing, but decided to do it! It was a Big Daddy Weave concert, and the group has personally made trips to visit their sponsored children. I had to research the group, but gained a real appreciation for them.
The concert was great, as were the people I worked with, and we helped 70 people sign on to helping change the life of a child and their family and community. It was an awesome experience.”
          This is a great example that Seva work has a strong recreational component. It can be your Saturday or off time. Seva work is sharing. Please share your Seva story with me so we can spread the Seva! Mahalo and Namaste, Johanna Waters